Detox your night

Onefortheroad combines traditional herbal use with the most recents scientific knowledge, returning a 100% natural detox food supplement to help you do more the day after your night out.

2 bottles pack


6 bottles pack


A casa tua in 48h!

100% Natural

Drink it at the end of the evening

Drink it at the end of the evening

A party with your friends, a generous meal with your parents, a night at the disco.

Everybody stumbles sometimes.
Today we have a new ally against hangover.

100ml to make the difference.

Shake your bottle of  Onefortheroad and get ready for a tasty and purifying experience. 
Remember, don’t leave behind even a drop.

While you are sleeping, Onefortheroad takes care of your digestion improving the physiological rest and restorage of energy levels.

What does it contain?

Thanks to the properties of its main ingredients, such as aloe vera and milk thistle, Onefortheroad is an effective solution to promote the regularity of digestive and liver functions.

Furthermore, through Vitamins C and B6, it contributes to the maintenance of the normal function of the immune system and to reduce the sense of tiredness and fatigue.

Aloe Vera

A plant with countless beneficial effects, known to promote the regularity of intestinal transit, digestive and hepatic functions.

Milk thistle

Natural antioxidant able to support digestive and liver functions and to promote purifying functions.

Vitamin C

Regulates the immune system and protects cells from oxidative stress, also helping to reduce fatigue.

Fennel fruits

It produces effects similar to those of green anise, promoting digestive function and regular stomach motility.


A complete pool of digestive enzymes that facilitate digestion, further increasing the effectiveness of Onefortheroad.

Green anise

Promotes digestive function and helps regulate gastrointestinal motility and the elimination of excess gas.

Horse chestnut

It supports intestinal regularity and the digestive system, and also promotes microcirculation thanks to its vaso-tonic effect.


Constituent of the antioxidant enzymes used by the body to naturally counteract the action of free radicals.

Vitamin B6

It reduces tiredness and fatigue, regulates the nervous system, psychological functions and energy metabolism.

Frequently asked question

To benefit from the effects of Onefortheroad we suggest drinking a 100ml bottle at the end of the evening, like a real stirrup glass. If the evening has been quite “busy” we recommend an extra bottle to drink when you wake up!

Onefortheroad is manufactured in Vicenza (VI), Italy.

It has a very pleasant taste, it tastes like red orange.

Yes. Onefortheroad is a dietary supplement for which regular notice has been deposited by the Italian Health Authority, in accordance with applicable law.

Unfortunately not. Orders are managed automatically and are getting executed by our systems in an automated way to shorten delivery time. Once an order is placed, we pack and deliver in the fastest possible time frame and we can’t make changes to the orders.

Yes. Pursuant to the provisions of applicable law (art. 57 del D.lgs 206/2005), you are entitled to withdraw your purchase without penalty or having to provide justification, within 14 days from the day you have received our products.
For all relevant details please consult our general terms and conditions here.


Alice R.
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I tried Onefortheroad by chance, mainly driven by curiosity and the advice of a friend ... and I must say that the product surprised me positively ... Taken after an evening of 'partying' it helps to overcome and eliminate all the symptoms of next day ... No tiredness, no migraines but charge as if I had slept and rested 8 hours! I highly recommend it to everyone !!!
Chiara P.
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Last night, after a spectacular dinner based on raw and boiled fish appetizers sprinkled with good wine at the restaurant da Giorgio in Fiesso, I drank Onefortheroad. this morning I feel in great shape. digested well and slept better. no head hoops for wine! indispensable after a good dinner!
Giulia S.
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Absolutely approved! try it after a good meal or a drink 😄😋
Alessandra R.
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Really effective! Easy digestion and great morning awakening! Always keep in the pantry at home 😉
Giorgio D.
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Onefortheroad works! The morning after taking the shot I woke up like after a long night of sleep, with no hangover from the night before! 😎 I recommend it!
Giada F.
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I tried it after a night at the disco and on Sunday morning I was super active to face the day! I recommend it to all those who, after a night out, want to face Sunday without a hangover!

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