Onefortheroad combines traditional herbal use with the most recents scientific knowledge, returning a 100% natural detox  food supplement to help you do more the day after your night out.




Easy as having a drink.

1. Enjoy the

A party with your friends, a generous meal with your parents, a night at the disco. Everybody stumbles sometimes.
Today we have a new ally against hangover.

2. Drink

100ml to make the difference.
Shake your bottle of  Onefortheroad and get ready for a tasty and purifying experience. 
Remember, don’t leave behind even a drop.

3. Detox your

While you are sleeping, Onefortheroad takes care of your digestion improving the physiological rest and restorage of energy levels.

4. Wake up

Wake up on full capacity.

Every day is a new story to tell, live it up thanks to Onefortheroad.

Your natural

Benefiting of the effects of Onefortheroad is really simple: all you need to do is take a full bottle of product before bed time. While you sleep, Onefortheroad will take care of your digestion, support your body in resting and restoring proper energy levels.

You will wake up on full capacity, ready to live up the new day.

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Testimonials of

Alice Rampazzo
Alice Rampazzo16 settembre
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I tried onefortheroad by chance, driven above all by the curiosity and advice of a friend... I must say that the product surprised me positively... Taken after an evening of 'revelry' it helps to obviate and eliminate all the symptoms of the day after ... No tiredness, no migraine but charged as if I had slept and rested for 8 hours! I highly recommend it to everyone !!!
Chiara Perin
Chiara Perin19 luglio
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Last night, after a spectacular dinner of raw and boiled fish starters sprinkled with good wine at the restaurant from Giorgio in Fiesso, I drank 1 onefortheroad. this morning I feel in shape. digested well and slept better. no circle to the head for wine! indispensable after good dinners!
Giulia Sattin
Giulia Sattin3 luglio
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Absolutely approved! Try it after a nice meal or a drink 😄😋
Alessandra Rampazzo
Alessandra Rampazzo29 aprile
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Really effective! Easy digestion and great morning awakening! Always keep in the pantry at home 😉
Giorgio Duso
Giorgio Duso25 marzo
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onefortheroad works! The morning after drinking the shot I woke up like after a long night of sleep, with no hangover! 😎 I recommend it!
Michele Orlandini
Michele Orlandini8 aprile
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It works, try it! Great product!
Giada Faggin
Giada Faggin5 aprile
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I tried it after a night at the disco and on Sunday morning I was super active to face the day! I recommend it to all those who, after a night, want to face Sunday without a hangover!
Annamària Kovàr
Annamària Kovàr26 marzo
Read More
Best finish for your night and great start for the next day! If you want to recover naturally try this out!!👍