F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Question

Have a question about Onefortheroad? You’re in the right place!

Where can you buy Onefortheroad?

You can buy Onefortheroad directly on this site or exclusively at the Erboristeria Demetra in Padua. stores

What is it?

Onefortheroad is a ready-to-use dietary supplement in 100ml single-dose format, designed and built to support you to do more the day after a night out.

When should it be taken?

To benefit from the effects of Onefortheroad we reccomend taking it at the end of the evening as a farewell drink.

Can it be consumed during the day?

If circumstances are ideal (for example a generous meal during the day) you can consume Onefortheroad during day time.

What does it contain?

The main ingredient of Onefortheroad is aloe which supports digestive functions, but the formula also includes milk thistle helping depurative functions, green anise and fennel to regularize gastrointestinal motility, horse chestnut supporting the digestive system, selenium helping antioxidative activity, ENZI-MIX®, vitamins B6 and C.

What is ENZI-MIX®?

ENZI-MIX® is complete pool of digestive enzymes supporting digestion. ENZI-MIX® is a registered trade mark.

How should I store Onefortheroad?

Do not expose to prolonged sunlight and heat, and store at room temperature.

Where do you manufacture Onefortheroad?

Onefortheroad is manufactured in Vicenza (VI), Italy.

Has Onefortheroad been regularly declared to the Health Authority according to applicable law?

Yes. Onefortheroad is a dietary supplement for which regular notice has been deposited by the Italian Health Authority, in accordance with applicable law.

What does it taste?

It has a very pleasant taste, it tastes like red orange.

I have allergies. Can I use it?

Onefortheroad is 100% natural. However, persons with allergies and/or on medication should always seek medical advice prior to taking dietary supplements.

How long does it take to get my order?

We use express couriers for our deliveries. In Italy orders get to destination within 24-48H while international deliveries require 4-5 working days. If your order has been placed after 12 PM additional 24H might be needed for delivery.

How much do you charge for shipping?

Currently we ship to Italy and to the other countries of the European Union. Shipping to Italy costs €5.99 while to the other countries of the EU costs €8.99.

Which payment methods do you accept?

The accepted payment methods are: Credit Cards/Bancomat of the major international circuits and Paypal.

What shall I do if my payment is rejected?

1. Make sure that the credit card you are trying to use is valid, active and within the credit limit.
2. Check that all data entered is correct.
3. Verify if credit card balance reports the payment as executed.
Our system works in any situation if the three previous steps are correct. If the problem persists, please try again later.

Can I change my order after submitting it?

Unfortunately not. Orders are managed automatically and are getting executed by our systems in an automated way to shorten delivery time. Once an order is placed, we pack and deliver in the fastest possible time frame and we can’t make changes to the orders.

Can I get my order delivered to a different address?

Yes. Delivery order address can be different from the address of the payee as long as the delivery address is in the same country and as long as the delivery address country is included in the list of countries where ONE FOR THE ROAD delivers.

Do I have the right to withdraw my purchase?

Yes. Pursuant to the provisions of applicable law (art. 57 del D.lgs 206/2005), you are entitled to withdraw your purchase without penalty or having to provide justification, within 14 days from the day you have received our products. For all relevant details please consult our general terms and conditions here.

The website doesn’t work. What shall I do?

Should the site be unreachable or present errors, please send us an email to service@onefortheroad.it with a detailed description of the problem detected.